Changes Course and 
Focuses On The Future
Of Digital Mining


CryptoBlox Technologies has begun to establish itself as a low cost miner of bitcoin, by focusing on acquiring existing mining operations that have direct access to a variety of energy sources.

These operations utilize a containerized model which is purpose-built to optimize power and heat management, and specifically designed for high-computing needs.

CryptoBlox Technologies leverages Canada’s equity markets in order to create new opportunities or acquire existing operations within key regions of North America.

CryptoBlox Technologies acquired Optimal CP who are developing facilities in Canada's energy hub of Alberta that will leverage direct access to reliable, low-cost power generation facilities. Using a unique operating approach, Optimal’s facilities will continue to support the peak needs of the Alberta grid, thus offering increased value to generators while providing some of the lowest-cost, most reliable mining operations in North America.

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 Focused in Canada’s Albertan “Energy Hub”,  the company operates under confines of low price natural gas and emission costs and an open energy market, leaving (CSE:BLOX) (OTC:CRYBF) poised to break into the market at optimal target costs.

 What's Next For This Canadian Company?

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